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INTER, Interactive technologies of engineering in rehabilitation, presents itself as an interdisciplinary strategic cluster of researchers from natural sciences and engineering (57.5%), health sciences (35%) and human and social sciences (3%).

The researchers of those disciplines collaborate together to achieve common objectives in the field of rehabilitation technology where each one contributes according to their expertise. Multiple research angles emerge from those collaborations and contribute to realize functional proofs-of-concepts evaluated in real-condition and to train highly qualified people.

INTER aims for creating an environment to gather together the winning conditions to support that kind of research activities and training and for implementing the chain of inclusive innovation allowing the conciliation between the technological abilities with real needs



 "Collaborate together to find technological solutions improving rehabilitation cares and services"


Coffee of associations

Are you rehabilitation, engineering, social work or industrial design researcher; clinicians; Master’s or PhD student or member of association or organization interested by rehabilitation?

Are you exploring news perspectives, identifying news collaborations opportunities or reinforcing long term collaboration and exchanging with person who have similar and/or different expertise from yours?


Pavillon 3IT, Parc Innovation
Université de Sherbrooke
3000 University boulevard
Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1K 0A5

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