Summer school 2015 REPAR-INTER

Innovation, creativity and communication for technologies in rehabilitation
Summer school 2015 REPAR-INTER
From Sunday, May 31rst to 4:00 p.m. until Tuesday, June 2nd 2015 to 4:00 p.m.

University of Sherbrooke

Register now, as room is limited!
Registration deadline: April 30th, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to proceed with your registration for the 2015 REPAR-INTER Summer School, which will take place from May 31st (4PM) to June 2nd (4PM) 2015 at the Innovation Park, University of Sherbrooke, 3000 University blvd.

This invitation is launched to students from 2nd, 3rd graduate or postdoctoral fellows, who are members of REPAR (Quebec rehabilitation research network) or INTER (Interactive technologies of engineering in rehabilitation). To feed your interest in research in rehabilitation technologies, the Summer school 2015 REPAR-INTER will allow you to leverage your expertise in your respective fields and to live intersectorial collaboration experience on rehabilitation technologies.

During this activity, as a participant, you will be able to :

  • Determine et understand the users’ needs in rehabilitation;
  • Identify the current technologies or innovations whom will answer the needs identified;
  • Elaborate an innovative technological concept or based on innovative technologies, and design a prototype, if required;
  • Explore and identify various clinical methodologies to evaluate technological concept with users.

Summer school is planning seminars, laboratory visits, practical and networking activities, all in conviviality and learning atmosphere.

All fees related to Summer school will be assumed by REPAR and INTER according the guidelines of travel expenses reimbursement. The planned accommodation is based on double occupancy for students.

Procedure to complete your registration:

1. Subscribe to iEchange (steps by clicking here) 
2. Complete the registration (form by clicking here)

* Registration for iEchange is compulsory and will be used to present the projects related to rehabilitation technologies that are underway across Quebec. We will eventually ask you select the project you would like to work on, as part of an inter-sectorial team during the Summer School. 

Looking forward to see you there!


For any questions on this school, please click here 

REPAR-INTER organizing committee

Philippe Archambault
Claudine Auger
Nathalie Hamel/Chantal Lapointe
Dahlia Kairy
François Michaud
François Routhier


Pavillon 3IT, Parc Innovation
Université de Sherbrooke
3000 University boulevard
Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1K 0A5

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