Krista Lynn Best

University : Université Laval

Department : Réadaptation

Field of interest

  • Health care technologies

Intelligent Dynamic Seating: Integration of sensors, repositioning, and eHealth technology for power wheelchairs

Principal applicant : Krista Lynn Best

Team member(s) Claudine Auger , François Michaud , François Routhier , Philippe Archambault

General objectives

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, clinicians and industry partners have combined expertise to create an Intelligent Dynamic Seating system for power wheelchairs. Technical advances in sensor engineering will facilitate integration of two existing independent technologies (MOvIT+ and E-Box) to create an intelligent repositioning system that responds to users’ needs through a clinician-approved eHealth program. A pilot evaluation with expert power wheelchair users will assure clinical utility and safety. Regular team meetings will reinforce integration of technical and clinical feedback to facilitate technology uptake by industry partners, wheelchair users, and clinicians.