Scientific dissemination

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**It is possible to apply to this program at any time during the year**

Publication section (for researchers):  INTER_Formulaire_Dissémination scientifique_Volet articles.docx

Conference section (for students):  INTER_Formulaire_Dissémination scientifique_Vcongrès.docx


Through the Scientific Dissemination Program, INTER wishes to promote the communication of research results in the field of interactive technologies in rehabilitation. Two distinct funding streams are available:

1) Publications section (for researchers): this section allows INTER researchers to publish the results of their research directly related to an INTER-funded mandate in a scientific journal with publication fees (maximum 50% of the publication fees up to a maximum of $2000).

2) Conference section (for students): this section allows students under the direction of an INTER member to travel and present the results of their research (whether or not directly related to an INTER-funded mandate) at renowned international conferences (maximum $1,500).

The guiding principles of the programme are:

  • Only students of INTER member-researchers are eligible
  • Only one student per member per year (April 1 to March 31) may apply.
  • The selected conference must be one that is part of a renowned international conference and include a reading committee.
  • The student applying may or may not be related to an INTER-funded mandate. However, in the case where no INTER mandate is linked to the presentation, an institutional cash match from the INTER member supervisor(s) will be required to reduce the maximum allowable reimbursement.
  • The student's presentation must be the result of a publication in the field of interactive technologies in rehabilitation.
  • The student must also agree to make the presentation available to INTER members.