ntelligent environments to support the ecosystem of frail and isolated seniors: part of the City of Côte-Saint-Luc’s Living Lab.

Intervention area

Smart home

Start date

January 1, 2021

End date

January 1, 2024

Social isolation is a major problem, representing 5.6 million persons in Canada. It is a key factor contributing to frailty in older adults, as ultimately promoting onset of cognitive disorders, depression, and dependency. This mandate is part of a larger project that aims to reduce the social isolation of seniors and thus decrease frailty. Through smart environments, integrated into a holistic ecosystem of social support, the larger project aims to promote targeted interventions at the right place and time. The present mandate aims to develop three specific services that will be part of the larger project: 1) Machine learning algorithms: data from home sensors deployed will be automatically analyzed to identify indicators of frailty and possible adverse events (e.g. disability, falls). Personalized assistance and preventive actions will be suggested; 2) Dynamic social support network that will receive notifications and alert, allowing relevant interventions; 3) Communication platform combining 1 and 2 will provide sensors and a multimodal user interface that will connect the older adult and the support network. The solution will be tested with the stakeholders in the field, measuring outcomes at the individual, service and institutional levels.

Lead applicant

Sylvain Giroux

Université de Sherbrooke


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Nathalie Bier

Université de Montréal


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Mélanie Couture

Université de Sherbrooke


Former INTER member

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