We are INTER!

INTER includes more than 100 researchers from different fields and universities.

INTER has two main areas of activity, Smart Home and Mobility, each based on two axes: 1. the design and prototyping of new interactive devices and systems, and 2. the evaluation and transfer of technology.

INTER : Over 130 mandates funded to date, and further opportunities for researchers.


Latest news about INTER

MIDI-INTER – April 2024 – Kinetics Toolkit: An open-source Python package and online resource to facilitate biomechanics research

View the midi-INTER conference of April 18, 2024
CONFERENCE MIDI – 18 avril 2024 Félix Chénier, ING., Ph.D., UQAM, sciences de l'activité physique

Midi INTER – March 2024 – Cardiovascular technologies: From measuring to controlling blood pressure

View the midi-INTER conference of March 14, 2024
CONFERENCE MIDI – 14 mars 2024 Céderick Landry, ING., Ph.D., Université de Sherbrooke, génie mécanique

Midi INTER – February 2024 – Neuro-musculoskeletal model and application for rehabilitation robotics

View the midi-INTER conference of February 15, 2024
CONFERENCE MIDI – 15 février 2024 Guillaume Durandau, professeur adjoint, Université McGill, Hôpital Juif de réadaptation

Over 100 researcher members

Philippe Fournier

Université Laval


1 INTER mandate

Nicola Hagemeister

École de technologie supérieure

Génie des systèmes

2 INTER mandates

François Michaud

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique

34 INTER mandates

Danielle Levac

Université de Montréal


3 INTER mandates

Recently completed mandates

144 CAPMénage

Consensus to determine the measures of interest relating to the monitoring of mobility in people who have suffered a stroke

159 RV-colloque

Integrating virtual reality into sensorimotor rehabilitation: learning from the past, acting now and preparing for the future

153A Next Dynamometer

Conversion of a pelvic floor dynamometer to a wireless version for measuring standing muscle function

148A Amara

Robotic assistance system using residual movements

112B Ergocycle

Pedaling… in hospital!

143A iVélo-Intel

First tests of the Intelligent Bike Prototype

141 Haptic3D

Development of a reproducible haptic robot with 3 degrees of freedom for upper limb rehabilitation for Quebec rehabilitation centers

151 Embodiment technology

Designing technologies to convey embodied experiences of Parkinson’s Disease

143B iVélo-Intel

Prototype 2 Vélo-Intelligent-sensory wheel

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