134 SmartBelt

Effectiveness of the multi-microphone belt, SmartBelt, to support the movement of people living with sensory disabilities

Intervention area


Start date

July 1, 2021

End date

April 1, 2022

Our team has developed a smart belt equipped with several microphones that determines the source of the sound while providing feedback to the user through vibrations emitted according to the pick-up points around the waist. This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of this belt in improving auditory perception in people living with visual and auditory disabilities by allowing a more natural interaction with their sound environment. This technology could eventually allow users to move more safely through their physical environment by making more use of the sound cues around them.

Lead applicant

Victoria Duda

Université de Montréal

École d’orthophonie et d’audiologie

1 INTER mandate


François Grondin

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique

4 INTER mandates