160 OPTISTIM in progress

Optimizing functional electrical stimulation for personalized rehabilitation

Intervention area


Start date

June 1, 2023

End date

September 1, 2024

OptiSTIM aims to develop an optimization method for functional electrical stimulations for arm-cycling rehabilitation, minimizing muscular fatigue. The deliverables include 1) a software controlling an electrical stimulator from various feedback; 2) a predictive simulation of pedaling movement via electrical stimulations; and 3) a deep understanding of fatigue during pedaling.

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Lead applicant

Mickael Begon

Université de Montréal


12 INTER mandates


Yosra Cherni

Université de Montréal

École de kinésiologie et des sciences de l'activité physique

1 INTER mandate

Fabien Dal Maso

Université de Montréal


2 INTER mandates

Adina Panchea

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique

3 INTER mandates