International Internship Program FRQNT – MITACS (Globalink Research Award)

Submission deadline: March 8th 2023 

Here are the needed informations to apply: Globalink Research Award | Mitacs

To submit an applicant, the applicant must submit all the following documents to the coordinator by mail ( The application will then be evaluated by members of the INTER orientation committee.

  1. Transcript
  2. Budget estimates for the internship period
  3. Brief internship description Brève description du stage in relation to the 3 evaluation criteria:
    1. Academic record excellence and research aptitude of the applicant
    2. Project correspondance to INTER scientific programmation 
    3. Insertion of the project in INTER international actions: summarize in 1 page the nature of the internship, by specifying  how it fits into INTER research priorities  and helps strengthen international clustering efforts.
  4. Applicant resume (CV)
  5. Information  on the internship location (Supervisor’s name, laboraty of research centre, department, establishment, adress, city, province/state, country, postal code) 
  6. Letter signed by the internship supervisor that specifies start and end dates.