Development of EMG-assisted movement of an exoskeleton robot for rehabilitation and testing with real subjects

Intervention area


Start date

January 1, 2017

End date

August 1, 2017

The aim of the proposed project is to further develop the ETS-MARSE exoskeleton robot for upper limb rehabilitation. More specifically, the objectives are to integrate EMG signals as a control source, as is currently done with the force sensor. Various EMG signal filtering processing techniques will be analyzed (wavelets, Bayesian approaches, etc.). A controller based on a neuro-fuzzy approach will be considered. The latter has shown good potential for 2 DDL. Reassessment of robot safety in the presence of real subjects by a professional who will be part of this stage. The recommendations made will be integrated into the different levels (robot and interface). Evaluate the interface and the robot in a real context with real subjects.

Lead applicant

Maarouf Saad

École de technologie supérieure

Génie électrique

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Philippe Archambault

Université McGill

Physical and Occupational Therapy

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