Philippe Archambault

Partner institution

Université McGill


Physical and Occupational Therapy

Fields of interest

Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

163 LOGvs MWC in progress

A virtual platform for over ground manual wheelchair navigation: a controlled ecological approach to exploring wheeled mobility.

144 CAPMénage

Consensus to determine the measures of interest relating to the monitoring of mobility in people who have suffered a stroke

130 IDS

IDS : Intelligent Dynamic Seating : Integration of sensors, repositioning and eHealth technology for power wheelchairs

115C MiWe in progress

Learn an efficient wheelchair propulsion pattern

115B NextWheel

Conversion of instrumented wheels to sustain research on manual wheelchair mobility

115A MiWe

Augmented feedback to help learn propulsion on the miWe simulator

113B FRMI in progress

Autonomous intelligent motorized wheelchair based on EEG signals in real environments


Intelligent motorized wheelchair: improvement of interaction methods

102 Domicile 3D

My future home in 3D

096 WheelSims

Structuring project on wheelchair simulators: WheelSims

095 VRBot

Development of a training system for an assistance robot based on virtual reality: A proof of concept.


Smart motorized wheelchair: implementation of user interface specifications and experimentation in ecological environments

082 MobiliSIG

Multimodal mobile technology to make it easier for people in manual wheelchairs to move around the city

081 AssistAlim

Development of a new generation of feeding assistance systems for people with upper limb disabilities – Proof of concept

080 OpenIMU SW

Democratization of inertial sensors for activity recognition


Development of EMG-assisted movement of an exoskeleton robot for rehabilitation and testing with real subjects

068 ICVR2017

Support for the International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2017

064 SeriousVG

Development of a ‘serious video game’ for improving pediatric power mobility skills

061 RobotAssisted

Impact of interface (real or virtual) for robot-assisted upper extremity movements

055 BrasRobot

Assisted control of a robotic arm for rehabilitation

048B ForcesHaptiquesAVC

Integration of haptic forces at the hand level during locomotion and comparison of methods to reduce gait asymmetry following a stroke

037 EnregisJACO

Data logging interface for the JACO robotic arm

035 ExoCâbles

Design of a cable exoskeleton robot for lower limb rehabilitation

029 ActFRMI

Automatic detection and classification of activities on board a smart motorized wheelchair

027 Localisation

Localization by artificial vision in a large indoor space

011 OdométrieFRM

Development and validation of a wireless odometry system for use with motorized wheelchairs