Cyril Duclos

Partner institution

Université de Montréal



Fields of interest

Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

176 Morpho-Avatar in progress

Development of a virtual avatar with real-time morphological adaptation for the induction of motor changes

175 LocomoT-IA in progress

Structuring and use of historical data for the development of intelligent algorithms for locomotor training of users with physical impairments of the lower limbs

144 CAPMénage

Consensus to determine the measures of interest relating to the monitoring of mobility in people who have suffered a stroke

143B iVélo-Intel

Prototype 2 Vélo-Intelligent-sensory wheel

143A iVélo-Intel

First tests of the Intelligent Bike Prototype

136 TeraDanse

Development of new features of the OpenTera platform for an asynchronous teledance intervention in stroke rehabilitation

119 RV Visuo-Propriocepti

Visual and proprioceptive virtual reality system usable in dynamic situations


Development of an avatar for the rehabilitation of pelvis and trunk movements during walking

058 AsymClinique

Quantification of asymmetry in clinical and life settings during various functional activities in people who have suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA)

048B ForcesHaptiquesAVC

Integration of haptic forces at the hand level during locomotion and comparison of methods to reduce gait asymmetry following a stroke

048A EntrainVirtuelAVC

Development of a virtual training tool to reduce gait asymmetry following a stroke

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