Johanne Higgins

Partner institution

Université de Montréal



Fields of interest

Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

125 Poignet Robotique

Development of a robotic handle for the rehabilitation of grasping and grasping coupled with the bi-manual exerciser for the rehabilitation of hemiparetic people


Characterizing the environment – person interaction during a museum visit: a feasibility study of multiple and one-off data collection on mobility in public spaces

065B Exbimanuel

Phase 2: Optimization of the bimanual exerciser for the assessment and training of the upper limbs of people who have suffered a stroke

065A EXBimanuel

Development of a device for evaluating and training unilateral and bilateral neuromuscular control of the upper limb in people who have suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and those with a spinal cord injury (SCI)