037 EnregisJACO

Data logging interface for the JACO robotic arm

Intervention area


Start date

January 1, 2014

End date

September 1, 2014

The objectives of this mandate are to: 1) develop an interface (on-board computer software), enabling data logging of JACO arm movement and control (position, orientation, end-effector force, joystick control, etc.); and 2) develop an analysis method to quantify performance on specific tasks (eg. (e.g.: time and number of robot movements to complete a task, success rate, effectiveness of joystick control, etc.), a summary classification of movement type (picking up and moving an object, bringing an object towards oneself, etc.) and daily use based on recorded data (daily use time, duration of robot operation at each use, type of movement used, etc.).

Lead applicant

Philippe Archambault

Université McGill

Physical and Occupational Therapy

27 INTER mandates


François Routhier

Université Laval


20 INTER mandates

Martin Lemay

Université du Québec à Montréal


7 INTER mandates

Rachid Aissaoui

École de technologie supérieure

Génie des systèmes

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