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Mapping the innovation ecosystem – Value plan for the home tele-processing project

Intervention area

Smart home

Start date

May 5, 2014

End date

October 1, 2014

In establishing the value plan for the teleprocessing system and ensuring the innovation of this technology, the identification of all the “barriers to adoption” of the various stakeholders and the solutions for overcoming them are key elements in this project. Drawing up a portrait of all the project partners and their roles and responsibilities will enable us to understand a priori the work that needs to be done to ensure that the technology developed becomes a genuine innovation. For example, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration: deployment in the private or public sector (networking, database location, confidentiality, etc.); administrative and payment procedures for medical acts; payment for services (insurance, user, etc.). In this way, stakeholders are better able to embrace the proposed change and become champions of this innovation project within their organization.

Lead applicant

Johanne Queenton

Université de Sherbrooke


2 INTER mandates


Johane Patenaude

Université de Sherbrooke


Former INTER member

3 INTER mandates

François Michaud

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique

35 INTER mandates

Michel Tousignant

Université de Sherbrooke

École de réadaptation

13 INTER mandates