François Michaud

Partner institution

Université de Sherbrooke


Génie électrique

Fields of interest

Smart homes, Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

178 DAVE in progress

Embedded Audio-Video Device

156 OMR in progress

Magnetorheological orthoses for upper limb rehabilitation

144 CAPMénage

Consensus to determine the measures of interest relating to the monitoring of mobility in people who have suffered a stroke

139 Neuro

Neuromotor control for paraplegics

131 Métrologie-MapIt

Fidelity and validity of measurements of architectural elements taken with MapIt

130 IDS

IDS : Intelligent Dynamic Seating : Integration of sensors, repositioning and eHealth technology for power wheelchairs

126 Open Tera Phase 2

Telecommunication platform for remote rehabilitation

120 C3PAR

How to get project stakeholders to buy into the telepresence and health assistance robot?

112B Ergocycle

Pedaling… in hospital!

105 Télé-Actimétrie

Development of a remote monitoring module and a data processing module for the use of actimetric devices (Apple Watch, Sensoria, OpenIMU-MiniLogger) in an ecological environment (home, accommodation center, hospital)

102 Domicile 3D

My future home in 3D

100 Open TeRa

Democratizing the use of the TeRa+ platform

087 OpenIMU-HW

Choice and design of open inertial unit platforms

086 MapIt

Provide occupational therapists with a 3D virtual representation of their client’s home

080 OpenIMU SW

Democratization of inertial sensors for activity recognition

074 Exo-Spartacus

Exo-Spartacus Proof of concept of a lower limb exoskeleton using MR clutches

067 Vigil2-TeRa+

Finalization of developments for the Vigil2-TeRa+ telerehabilitation platform

062 TéléRéadap

Characterization of the usability of a telerehabilitation system as a function of bandwidth, and interfacing with medical devices

059 GuideMétho

Development and transfer of a methodological guide focused on use and social acceptability to enrich technological innovation projects in health, particularly in rehabilitation

053 RobotSphérique

Spherical robot as a diagnostic tool associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

043C ERA

Implementation of immersive virtual reality on the ERA robotic arm for training the affected arm in a clientele in the chronic phase of a stroke

043B ERA

Training by reducing and increasing motion error using the ERA robot: preliminary study

043A ERA

Adaptation of a robotic arm for the rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke

040 CartoTéléRéadap

Mapping the innovation ecosystem – Value plan for the home tele-processing project

039 ExoEmbrayage

Proof of concept of a lower limb exoskeleton using MR clutches

034 ProfRecherche

Research professional in electronic design and prototyping

032/032B PlateformeFRMOmn

Omnidirectional platform as a prototype for an omnidirectional motorized wheelchair

028B AnalDonnées

Visualization and analysis of data from rehabilitation care trajectories

027 Localisation

Localization by artificial vision in a large indoor space

025 OrthèseÉlastiques

Proof of concept of a shoulder orthosis based on elastic series actuators

022 RythRespithermique

Remote respiratory rate measurement from a thermal camera on a pan-tilt head

016B CartoExo

Mechanical pressure mapping platform for generating stable exoskeleton locomotion

016A CartoExo

Mechanical pressure mapping platform for application in rehabilitation, telerehabilitation and mobile robotics

004B ExoActCompliants

Proof of concept for lower limb exoskeleton with compliant actuators – Part II: impedance control

004A ExoActCompliants

Proof of concept for lower limb exoskeleton with compliant actuators

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