076 RCSM3

Rehabilitation of Coordination and Muscle Synergies of the Lower Limb to Improve Mobility in Neurological Populations

Intervention area


Start date

November 1, 2016

End date

January 1, 2018

The aim of the mandate is to develop a static dynamometer that will measure and provide feedback on force moments exerted at the hip, knee and ankle in real time. The first objective of the mandate is to build a boot instrumented with an AMTI sensor that will measure force moments and forces exerted under the foot. The second objective is to develop software that will enable us to demand real-time combinations of force moments at the hip, knee and ankle in the sagittal plane.

Lead applicant

Daniel Bourbonnais

Université de Montréal


Former INTER member

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Rachid Aissaoui

École de technologie supérieure

Génie des systèmes

28 INTER mandates

Sylvie Nadeau

Université de Montréal


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