Dahlia Kairy

Partner institution

Université de Montréal



Fields of interest

Smart homes, Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

158 REA PRE in progress

Building the future of precision rehabilitation in Quebec: Integrating interactive technologies, data management and artificial intelligence

151 Embodiment technology

Designing technologies to convey embodied experiences of Parkinson’s Disease

148B AmaraBiomimetics in progress

Robotic assistance system using residual movements

148A Amara

Robotic assistance system using residual movements

143A iVélo-Intel

First tests of the Intelligent Bike Prototype

136 TeraDanse

Development of new features of the OpenTera platform for an asynchronous teledance intervention in stroke rehabilitation

113B FRMI in progress

Autonomous intelligent motorized wheelchair based on EEG signals in real environments


Intelligent motorized wheelchair: improvement of interaction methods


MyOrtho_Virtual voice trainer for people with Parkinson’s disease.


Smart motorized wheelchair: implementation of user interface specifications and experimentation in ecological environments

067 Vigil2-TeRa+

Finalization of developments for the Vigil2-TeRa+ telerehabilitation platform

047 InterfaceHM-FRMI

Evaluation of human-machine interfaces of an intelligent motorized wheelchair in real activities of daily life linked to driving activity by users with physical disabilities

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