Midi-INTER – April 2024 – Kinetics Toolkit: An open-source Python package and online resource to facilitate biomechanics research

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Published on May 2, 2024

Midi-INTER – April 18, 2024

Félix Chénier, ING, Ph.D., Université de Sherbrooke, génie mécanique

Processing 3D biomechanical data is often a challenge for students due to the complexity of (1) the physical concepts, and (2) the data processing itself, which often requires strong programming skills.

Kinetics Toolkit (KTK) is an open Python package that greatly simplifies the programming of complex biomechanical analyses. In addition, the KTK website (kineticstoolkit.uqam.ca) offers a training course covering the basics of Python and reviewing the most important concepts of 3D analysis (time series, filtering, geometric operations, kinematic chains, etc.).

This Midi-INTER presentation consists of an introduction and demonstration of this tool.

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