Félix Chénier

Partner institution

Université du Québec à Montréal


Sciences de l'activité physique

Fields of interest

Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

177 RéadapMS-IA in progress

Precise real-time upper limb rehabilitation with haptic guidance using reinforcement learning

174 ParasportViz in progress

Parasport Viz: A feedback application to optimize para-athlete training.

144 CAPMénage

Consensus to determine the measures of interest relating to the monitoring of mobility in people who have suffered a stroke

115C MiWe in progress

Learn an efficient wheelchair propulsion pattern

115B NextWheel

Conversion of instrumented wheels to sustain research on manual wheelchair mobility

115A MiWe

Augmented feedback to help learn propulsion on the miWe simulator

096 WheelSims

Structuring project on wheelchair simulators: WheelSims


Quantification of reaction forces on the handrail using inertial sensors – use of deep learning.

070 Cin-FRA

Automation and validation of a method for measuring 3D kinematics during propulsion of an athletics wheelchair

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