004B ExoActCompliants

Proof of concept for lower limb exoskeleton with compliant actuators – Part II: impedance control

Intervention area


Start date

January 1, 2012

End date

December 1, 2013

(continued mandate 4) The problem to be solved is to demonstrate that it is possible to use the principle of impedance control (with elastic actuators capable of perceiving and modulating applied forces) in a walking assistance context. The difficulty is that this demonstration must be possible without the presence of an exoskeleton, the aim here being to obtain evidence to support the development of an exoskeleton for the lower limbs.

Lead applicant

François Michaud

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique

35 INTER mandates


Claude Vincent

Université Laval


5 INTER mandates

Wael Suleiman

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique et informatique

4 INTER mandates

Rachid Aissaoui

École de technologie supérieure

Génie des systèmes

28 INTER mandates

Sylvie Nadeau

Université de Montréal


17 INTER mandates

François Routhier

Université Laval


20 INTER mandates