043C ERA

Implementation of immersive virtual reality on the ERA robotic arm for training the affected arm in a clientele in the chronic phase of a stroke

Intervention area


Start date

January 1, 2018

End date

October 1, 2018

(continued mandates 43 and 43B). The ultimate goal of this mandate is to improve the game interface for training stroke survivors using the ERA robotic arm. The objectives of this mandate are to finalize the optimization of the “reaching” task developed during mandate #43B by incorporating it into an HTC Vive virtual reality headset. In addition, we want to increase the sense of realism of the training task by developing a game that allows subjects to be fully immersed in 3D during training.

Lead applicant

Marie-Hélène Milot

Université de Sherbrooke


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François Michaud

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique

35 INTER mandates