David Labbé

Partner institution

École de technologie supérieure


Génie logiciel et des technologies de l'information

Fields of interest

Smart homes, Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

177 RéadapMS-IA in progress

Precise real-time upper limb rehabilitation with haptic guidance using reinforcement learning

176 Morpho-Avatar in progress

Development of a virtual avatar with real-time morphological adaptation for the induction of motor changes

143B iVélo-Intel

Prototype 2 Vélo-Intelligent-sensory wheel

125 Poignet Robotique

Development of a robotic handle for the rehabilitation of grasping and grasping coupled with the bi-manual exerciser for the rehabilitation of hemiparetic people

119 RV Visuo-Propriocepti

Visual and proprioceptive virtual reality system usable in dynamic situations

115C MiWe in progress

Learn an efficient wheelchair propulsion pattern

090 AVATar

A real-time animatable AVATar for ORtophonic rehabilitation

075 EC-MOT

Development of virtual cognitive training to reduce the risk of ligament rupture in sport

068 ICVR2017

Support for the International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2017


Development of an avatar for the rehabilitation of pelvis and trunk movements during walking


Development of interactive software for walking rehabilitation using an exoskeleton

052 JeuxContrôlePostural

An active video game console for the rehabilitation of dynamic postural control

051 TechnoFibromyalgie

Creation and evaluation of a wearable technology including the modulation of transcranial stimulation parameters and the capture of motor performance, in people suffering from fibromyalgia

048B ForcesHaptiquesAVC

Integration of haptic forces at the hand level during locomotion and comparison of methods to reduce gait asymmetry following a stroke

048A EntrainVirtuelAVC

Development of a virtual training tool to reduce gait asymmetry following a stroke

036 SimulHaptiqueFR

Development of a haptic simulator for wheelchair propulsion: use of new virtual immersion technologies and inertial measurements.