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Democratization of inertial sensors for activity recognition

Intervention area

Smart home

Start date

January 1, 2016

End date

October 1, 2023

The mandate is to provide the resources needed to carry out the first phase of this initiative, which involves identifying needs and setting up an initial working base, both software and hardware, with the aim of developing an experimental platform involving the use of inertial sensors for activity recognition, both in and out of the laboratory. Considering the use of these sensors in a multitude of rehabilitation applications around the world, and the common difficulties in using them, we hope that the initiative will bring together a community of stakeholders around the platform and establish a strategy for its evolution, in order to become a major pole of attraction and concertation for the scientific advancement of the sector, and thereby position the initiative on an international scale.

Lead applicant

François Michaud

Université de Sherbrooke

Génie électrique

35 INTER mandates


Philippe Archambault

Université McGill

Physical and Occupational Therapy

27 INTER mandates

Rachid Aissaoui

École de technologie supérieure

Génie des systèmes

28 INTER mandates

Laurent Ballaz

Université du Québec à Montréal


6 INTER mandates

Charles Batcho

Université Laval


2 INTER mandates

Mickael Begon

Université de Montréal


12 INTER mandates

Laurent Bouyer

Université Laval


7 INTER mandates

François Routhier

Université Laval


20 INTER mandates

Michel Tousignant

Université de Sherbrooke

École de réadaptation

13 INTER mandates