Maxime Raison

Partner institution

Polytechnique Montréal


Génie mécanique

Fields of interest

Assisted mobility

INTER Mandates

157 ActimusFaible in progress

Development of an algorithm for quantifying and scaling very low muscle activity in rehabilitation

141 Haptic3D

Development of a reproducible haptic robot with 3 degrees of freedom for upper limb rehabilitation for Quebec rehabilitation centers

137 Float

Gait rehabilitation with the Float haptic support robot


Intensive upper limb therapy with Armeo

092 REAplan

Optimizing the impact of REAplan on motor performance in children with musculoskeletal disorders: Pilot study

078 IMUpower

Development of an on-board portable device for quantifying joint power using inertial measurement units: case-test on the knee

073 EXOarm

Development of a proof of concept for an upper limb exoskeleton in pediatric rehabilitation


Development of an avatar for the rehabilitation of pelvis and trunk movements during walking

057 ProtMyo

Development of a myoelectric prosthesis for the pediatric upper limb with realistic and energy-efficient movement

055 BrasRobot

Assisted control of a robotic arm for rehabilitation

046 S2M

Kinematic assessment of the shoulder for rehabilitation monitoring: development of a clinical tool: Shoulder Mobility Monitoring (S2M)

045 Lokomat

Optimization of the use of the Lokomat® gait training device and impact on the motor performance of children with cerebral palsy

033 ForcemuscuExo

Real-time quantification of muscular forces in the upper limb with a view to controlling an exoskeleton